Spiderwebs - Yoga Waist Leggings

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Feel festive at any Fall or Halloween party next year!

Black background with gray fog covered in classic orb spider webs. Pink, light green and purple dots are scattered around to add just a touch of color!

This legging style by Southwest Legging Company features:

  • Super forgiving indulgent stretch fit
  • Luxurious 92% polyester and 8% spandex brushed blend
  • Flat and flattering yoga waistband
  • Stunning opaque prints
  • 2 sizes:

One Size (S/M) 2-10
Tall & Curvy (L/XL) 12-22

This is an estimate, everyone's body is different. These have amazing stretch! Take your best guess. You can always return them (for free!) if they don't work out. 

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