Autism Awareness Hands - Yoga Waist Leggings

Autism Awareness Hands - Yoga Waist Leggings

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 Autism Mommas stand together and those who don't have a personal connection can stand with them. Show your support with these fun and comfy leggings.

This legging style by Dren Designs features:

  • Super forgiving indulgent fit
  • Luxurious brushed 92% polyester + 8% spandex blend 
  • Yoga waistband
  • Stunning opaque prints

S/M fits ~ 4-12 (aka One Size or OS)

L/XL fits ~ 12-18 (aka Tall/Curvy or TC)

 This is an estimate, everyone's body is different. These have amazing stretch! Take your best guess. You can always return them, with free shipping, for a full refund if they don't work out. 

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