Sizing Chart and Information

 General Legging Size Chart:

legging size chart for purple pineapple apparel


Zenana Tunic Size Chart:

purple pineapple apparel tops and tunics size chart

Legging Sizing Explained:

Basically, if you are anywhere *around* a size 12, which is ~30 inch waist and ~40 inch hips, you're in the overlap of the two main sizes and can wear either One Size "OS" (S/M) or Tall and Curvy "TC" (L/XL).

If you usually wear anything between a 4 and 12, try OS (S/M).

If you usually wear anything between a 12 and a 20, try the TC (L/XL).

UPDATE: *NEW* 2021 We are adding a new size (Mid-Size or "MS") in between OS and TC to give a better fit to those who feel they are between sizes! Try it out with our money back guarantee!

Sometimes the "tall" part of Tall and Curvy confuses people. The actual leg length or inseam length is exactly the same on OS and TC within an inch (about 29-31 inches unstretched). But TC is ~3-4 inches longer overall because they add extra fabric in the rise (stomach and back area, from the crotch to the waistband). Some brands simply call this size "curvy" or "plus" to avoid this confusion, because they aren't actually longer for women with longer legs, they're longer to accommodate curves.

Leggings are incredibly stretchy and accommodating. Sometimes I provide the measurements of the leggings laid flat. These are going to be the measurements of the smallest woman they would fit. Think of it like a deflated balloon, it doesn't get any smaller, but can stretch much larger. Of course, the farther they stretch, the thinner they are. So keep that in mind.

Some brands offer an Extended Plus for those who feel they are over-stretching the TC. Extended Plus (EXT) start at around a size 20 (~36 inch waist and ~46 inch hip) and go up to around size 28 (~47 inch waist and ~57 inch hip) or 4X.

Some brands offer "tween" which fit those who wear kids XL or women's 00-4. (a size 4 is ~24 inch waist and ~35.5 inch hips.) If you find the OS too baggy in the waist, try the tween. 

If you are a tween or extended plus, make sure to watch the presales! It's not possible for me to stock every print I carry in these sizes, but I always offer them in pre-orders whenever they're available to me.

In general, all of the brands follow about this same sizing. They may name it differently. Some run a tad tighter or more loose. But unless you are between sizes you will still always be ordering the same size regardless of the brand.

~ <---- this symbol means "approximately" all of these numbers can be fudged a little bit, depending on body type and preferred fit. This is what's amazing about leggings! 90% of women wear 1 of 2 sizes and 100% wear 1 of 4 sizes. That's unheard of in any other piece of clothing. You really could start a sisterhood of traveling pants!

For those who are visual, click here to see a comparison video of various sized leggings laid out next to each other.