Science Rules - Soft Printed Pocket T-Shirt Dress - CLEARANCE

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It's always nice to have a few comfy pocket t-shirt dresses in your wardrobe to tackle whatever special occasions, errands, field trips, jobs, or parties life throws at you! 

💫Exciting News! This science print design was created by my husband Jason as an exclusive collaboration between Purple Pineapple Apparel and Southwest! You can now channel your inner Miss Frizzle and rock this dress in true Scientist style. 👩‍🔬🧪🧬🔬🧫


  • Pockets! Who doesn't love a dress with pockets?
  • Comfortable, loose and stretchy fit.
  • Crazy amazing range of sizes. Email or message me if you'd like to see images of a particular size woman wearing this style. See quotes below for thoughts from women of various sizes ranging from 0 to 26.
  • It looks fabulous with a belt.
  • Brushed, soft to the touch, material.
  • Stunning print quality.

One Size (OS) fits ~ Women's 0-14 ~ length 36"/width 18" unstretched

Curvy (TC) fits ~ Women's 14-24+ ~ length 42"/width 21" unstretched

Limited Edition

Reviews and sizing hints from Southwest, and women who have tried this style:

"Love the dresses. They are so comfortable!"

"Our fit model is a 22 and she had plenty of room [in the Curvy]. Since they are flowy instead of tight like leggings, there's an even bigger range."

"Love how comfortable and easy to care for this is. I wear it at least once every week. It’s perfect for shopping or running errands, but it’s also nice enough to wear to the office. I need more of these."

"I am a good solid 22 to 24 and I can wear this dress in Curvy comfortably. [My friend] is a size 24/26 and she can wear this dress in Curvy comfortably. I’m also very well blessed in the chest and there’s no stretching of material across my chest."

"We usually recommend 4-14 for our OS however, we had a size 0 rock hers belted last year and it was super cute!"

"I’m a size 10 in jeans, and usually a L or XL on top because I’m a busty woman. I’m 5’2-5’3 (on a good day 😆) The One Size dresses fit me very well and hit me just barely below my knee, I personally like to size up to the TC [with a belt] because those are more like tea-length on me. I like longer dresses."

"I'm a 12/14 and I wear an OS, with or without a belt."

"They are so very soft and comfortable. Love the pockets too! One of these days I will need to try the leggings I bought but the dresses have been so fabulous that I have not even tried on the leggings yet. I'll definitely be back for more!"

"Got my dress yesterday. Opened it up, and had planned to wash it and get wrinkles out...only there weren’t ANY! I tried it on and I absolutely LOVE this dress! It is so soft and comfortable! And I love the pockets. I wore it to church today, and already got several compliments! I think I need another dress!"

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