Make a super cute fashion statement as you comply with health regulations. Maybe even match them to a pair of leggings you have at home. Conquer life in comfy... face covers.

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- Adjustable elastic for the perfect fit
- Fitted design with room built in for your nose and chin
- 3 layers: a tightly woven, beautifully printed, outer layer of polyester material with two inner layers of soft cotton liner. 
- Nurse tested and approved! They're pretty thick, but still breathable. A nurse compared several brands and ours won because they blocked the right amount. You can't blow a candle out through them. (Tested with the 3 layer filter inside.)
- Personally I wear mine without the filter. Because they are stretchy, the tighter you adjust it, the more it opens up the mesh of the material. Which is nice if you need a bit more breathability and don't mind it stretched tighter over your face. In fact, I love them adjusted a bit tighter so that they don't keep falling off!
- The kid's masks are sized for younger faces
- Women's are approximately 8.5" x 5"
- Men's are approximately 9.25" x 6"
- Filter pocket for optional extra protection
- 1 complimentary single use filter included.

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