How to care for your buttery soft clothing:

We love brushed 92% polyester + 8% spandex clothing around here. It feels a-maze-ing. You slip your legs into your favorite pair of leggings and feel the fabric gently caress you. Now you're in a cloud. You have full range of motion, there's no tightness. You are as free as the wind. Yet, you're held in securely. You can't stop rubbing your legs. They're so smooth, and yet, so, so velvety soft.

Let's protect this wonderful texture and keep your leggings and tunics feeling great. Here's how:

  1. Wash these items inside out in cold water.
  2. Separate them from your other clothing (I usually pile them up until I have a fair sized load of just leggings)
  3. Hand wash or put them in your washing machine on the most gentle cycle possible. My washer has a delicate cycle, which works great.
  4. Hang or lay flat to dry. Do not use heat. (Heat can permanently damage the spandex in the material causing them to lose their shape.)
  5. Avoid friction to preserve the finish of the print. Example: don't wash leggings in the same load with your jeans or towels, or use a mesh zip laundry bag if needed.
  6. Gently hang, fold, or roll them up (not too tightly) to store.

buttery legging care instructions. image shows a pyramid shaped pile of rolled leggings next to a laundry basket

Of course, these are just recommendations. As always, you do you. Different things work for different people. The most important things to avoid are extreme heat, and friction with rough materials like jeans. Those are the two things that will greatly reduce the life of your leggings, or in some cases, even ruin them.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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