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Thank you for having such amazing products! :) I bought the mystery box this summer! I loved it! So much fun! My husband was jealous. ;) It was Christmas in July! 
Thank you for decent pricing! Your clothes make me very happy and I tell everyone about you. Every time I wear the butter capris I’m like “Everyone feel my legs! So soft! Yes, you need a pair.” Lol Anyway, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your business. :) It makes me happy. You don’t always get feedback from you clients so I want to make sure you know how I feel! :) 

Ashley M.

For those who aren't into MLM businesses, this isn't one. This business and everything being sold are completely hers, not a corporate product. She's not recruiting people to sell under her and there is zero pressure involved. If you're interested in supporting an independent local business, I highly recommend this one! 

Sarah S.

Aren't these fun!?
And not to mention extremely comfortable too!!🤗 I dont know about you, but im not a fan of rather wear sweat pants or shorts, or...nothing at all (sorry, tmi! 😜), but with these leggings it honestly feels like I'm wearing nothing but yet it holds you in in all the right areas and yet doesnt cut you off at the waist like most leggings do (no one likes a muffin top!).
I am definitely a fan and can't wait to get more! 

Maria M.

I highly recommend ordering your leggings through Purple Pineapple Apparel! I got the blue and teal flourish Capri leggings and they are so comfortable!! I wear them almost every afternoon when I get home from running errands. I love that my husband gets home and sees me making dinner in cute leggings instead of pajama pants and I still feel comfortable and look cute! These leggings are the same feel as other brand names (buttery soft!) 

April M.

I am in love with my Tropical Palm Butter Capris... They are SO super soft, comfortable, and absolutely perfect for summer.

Stacey T.

They surprised me, in a good way. I have resisted buying leggings for some time for various reasons but I must say, these are comfortable and in my opinion, with the tunic dress, fashionable too. I wore my outfit for the first time on a long road trip and I was sooooo comfortable. I also received several compliments. 

Sheri W.

I bought the solid black leggings and I am very pleased. They arrived quickly, they are super soft and stretchy leggings. They are not too thick, so I don't get too warm wearing them.

Karin W.

I Love Love Love my new camping leggings... They are super soft and comfy, paired with my slippers and hat it makes me a little sad I'm not sitting by acampfire tonight, but soon enough!

Heidee D.

Mega clearance - last chance on these items!